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How Anyone Can Sell Their Gold, Silver & Platinum Like an Expert

There are many reasons why people decide to sell some of their jewelry or precious metals. However, one thing is true of everyone that makes that decision – they want to get paid the best and fairest price they can. If you are thinking about selling your gold, silver, or platinum fine jewelry, coins and/or Sterling Silver flatware, this is what you need to know to get do it like an expert:

  1. ALWAYS compare pricing (at least 3 sources).
    Coin dealers, pawn shops jewelers, and others are NOT the same and do not pay the same prices or use the same pricing structures. Think of this as a job. You are selling a potentially valuable asset. Don’t just give it away to the first offer. Take the time to find the fairest and best offer. We’re going to make it easy for you.
  2. Most precious metals dealers and jewelers purchase fine jewelry based on its intrinsic metal value (gold, silver or platinum). Higher price offers are usually available for finished jewelry items which include diamonds, precious gems, historic or antique value.
  3. Know the characteristics of your jewelry –karat gold (10k, 12k, 14k, etc.); platinum; sterling silver.
  4. Know the physical weight of your jewelry in metric or pennyweight units. Most dealers use pennyweight or grams.
  5. What is the difference between a “pennyweight” and a “gram”?
    They are two different measurements of precious metal weight, just as miles and kilometers are two different measurements of distance. Both are acceptable ways of weighing precious metals but they cannot be compared to one another, just as you cannot compare a distance in miles directly to a distance in meters. So it’s just as important NOT TO COMPARE PRICING IN PENNYWEIGHT TO PRICING IN GRAMS! (1 pennyweight = 1.555 grams)
  6. Please use our formula based chart to estimate the selling value of your jewelry to a dealer. Remember that prices reflect the approximate current market value of the metal (gold, silver or platinum) which does vary day by day to some degree.
  7. Please call us for pricing information. We purchase and appraise estates involving fine jewelry and precious metals. 520.795.5496
  8. We pay premium prices for certain resalable jewelry items. This would include diamonds, precious gemstones, antique and period jewelry.
We pay the following prices on precious metals purchases more than $1,000. Purchases less than $1,000 incur a $50 processing fee. Prices are based on data from obtained at 5:01 pm EST on 10/13/2022. For current accurate prices, please call us at 520.795.5496
Gold FitnessUS Dollars Per Gram
22 Karat$38.58
18 Karat$31.51
16 Karat$27.44
14 Karat$24.22
10 Karat$16.93
9 Karat$15.22
8 Karat$12.86

Simple Steps to Selling Like An Expert​

STEP 1: Start by drawing up a list of at least three businesses that buy precious metals.

STEP 2: Call each one and ask: “What are you paying today for 14k gold? “Most dealers/jewelers should be willing to tell you this over the phone. Write it down.

STEP 3: Then ask, “do you pay by the gram or by pennyweight?” and write this down.

STEP 4: If all prices are by the same measure of weight (pennyweight or gram) you can compare those amounts and see who is the highest. If they are different, you can use our table to see which offer is best. If there is a wide range of pricing, you may want to call a few more places until you find the right place.

Do We Buy & Sell Gold and Silver at Viir?

Yes. We buy and sell gold and silver in one ounce and smaller increments. Many people include silver and gold as a part of their investment savings. Call us for more information at 520-795-5496.


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