Michael Spitaletto

Artist Statement

Michael-SpitalettoMy joy, pain & grief are painted, ground down, masked off, and blasted out.
Layers of years are mixed up, laid down, turned off, turned on, and sanded through.
To live with any validity before God and man, I live to tell the story.
I was born and raised skateboarding, surfing, and riding motorbikes to the sound of punk rock in Asbury Park, NJ.
Always riding with a dream to live the dream in Los Angeles.
Some traces of the past remain on the panel both to share and to remind me of where I’m from.
Now the agony and transitions stem from the death of Joseph Spitaletto, my identical twin.
Joe and I rode the waves, skated the bowls, and growled on Harleys with the California dream for a season too short.
Then he rode to heaven for good.
I am left in California. I still ride. I still paint. I still remember Joe and paddling back into the sea is the only way to go.


Artist Michael Spitaletto, born in Jersey City and raised in Asbury Park, NJ was first introduced to art by his father, who was a gifted artist/craftsman himself and Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Michael was fascinated with the many things his father was able to create. Michael jumped in and learned to express himself more effectively with skills ranging from one craft after another, from Graphic Design, to cartoons to making jewelry.

Although Michael enjoyed the advantage of always having someone close that thought similarly to him, he increasingly wanted to discover who Michael is apart from his identical twin Joseph. With the unexpected death of his identical twin in 2005, art proved the perfect platform to do that, allowing him to expose, see, and express the layers and variances of the essence that is Michael Spitaletto.

Michael ended up in LA with an arts degree where he was discovered by various galleries. Michael was awarded First Place Prize by Dan Cameron (Chief Curator at the Orange County Museum of Art) at this year’s 50th Newport Beach Art Exhibition competing in a field of highly talented painters with over 240 paintings entered in the exhibition. Michael was also invited to exhibit at the 34th and this year’s 35th Venice Art Walk & Auction, where he showed in the prominent company of Ed Rauscha, Timothy Williams, Andy Moses, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Jim Budman, John Van Hamersveld and a host of Southern California’s most prolific visual artists. Michael is now represented by Viir in Arizona.

If you are interested in any of Michael’s’ work, please contact us at 520.795.5496 or by email at: viirinc@gmail.com — we are proud to be representing Michael and will happily assist you.