Spencer Kane Edgerton

Artist Statement

Spencer Kane EdgertonMy sculpture is an attempt to share my perception, to make something that I have found beautiful and compelling more accessible to a viewer. My hope is to share my amazement at the natural world, to capture my sense of wonder and transfer it to the art lover, so that we can share in that feeling of enrapturement. While I draw inspiration from the natural world, I am not really a western wildlife artist, as I am not trying to invoke a romantic sentimentality, rather my interest follows the often overlooked creatures, the novel, the strange, for these lifeforms have a freshness that becomes currency for the contemporary artist.I am more interested in beauty of form than culturally derived narratives.

When I begin a sculpture I first study a natural form, a snail shell for instance, and consider it’s possibilities as a sculpture. If I keep coming back to the form, being engaged by it, then i will begin some studies and drawings. Ultimately I may use everything from a digital microscope to a laser scanner to capture the shape of the object, that I then sculpt in clay, and finally cast in bronze using the lost wax casting process. Having worked for many years in fine art foundries and fabrication studios has helped me master the process.

I was traditionally trained as a sculptor’s assistant, making maquettes from sketches, doing enlargements and building armatures by hand. Now as a working artist it is my strange fortune to be of the first generation to use robots and scanners to accomplish the work once done by craftsmen in the sculptor’s studio. It is my ongoing struggle to reconcile my love of handcraft with my amazement at the power of modern technology. If I can turn the power of industry to work fulfilling to the heart and engaging to the mind I will consider my life well spent.