Bryan Crow

Artist Statement

bryan_crow Using steel as my primary medium in my sculpture to exemplify the heavy and often hard lives we have created is important to me. Not using much color and allowing the material to exist as it is relates to life not being brightly colored or glamorous at its core. Reality is not easy to control, yet we are responsible for what we do with it.

I collect small steel objects. In order to show deep appreciation for these objects they often are reincarnated in my sculptures. I am torn because I like the object as they are, yet I feel compelled to give them a new life. When I find objects I rarely know what will happen to them. Once I am ready to create I put the scattered collection of found objects, forged steel pieces, and welding rod together, only then do I learn what I feel and think. This process is about exploration and adventure

Working with intuition allows me to know when a piece is finished. When I give meaning to the found objects in my studio, I give meaning to my life.

We will be adding images for Bryan’s metal sculptures for purchase shortly. Please come back!