Jean and Tom Heffernan

Artist Statement

Our work is about color, light, and you. Mirrors have been virtually ignored as a medium for artists.  Yet for us, it is perfect.  We like people. And we like them raw, exactly as they are – unfiltered, untouched. To celebrate you, your individual qualities and moods, we have put you at the heart of our work.

Color and light are equally important elements of our work. Light is energy. Mirrors reflect that energy into all aspects of a room, enhancing everything. Copper and steel are the materials we use to make this happen. The weaving provides texture and contrast. Always, we meticulously treat it with heat and chemicals to produce pieces that are stunningly colorful.

Care Instructions for your Art Mirror

Care for your Art Mirror as you would a fine painting. Display it out of direct sunlight. Avoid fingerprints by wearing soft gloves when handling.

To clean the the frame:
Dust the frame on a regular basis with a soft cloth. Do not apply liquids of any kind.

To clean the mirror:
Apply non-ammonia, non-streaking glass cleaner to a clean soft cloth, then clean the mirror. DO NOT spray cleaner directly onto the mirror; the overspray can negatively impact the lacquer finish.

Regarding this Collection

These four mirrors are a representation of the artists’ work and available for purchase now. However, there are other sizes and designs available, upon request. They also do custom mirrors and metal work upon request.

For any questions about custom orders, please call (520) 795-5496, or email